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A platform for the rapid development and deployment of modular desktop workspaces.

Build less, deliver more.

Form an application ecosystem.

Point creates an environment in which diverse application components work together to create versatile and powerful trading platforms.

The result is more rapid delivery, lower project overhead, greater ROI and the ability to mix vendored and in-house applications, all whilst avoiding the pitfalls commonly associated with monolithic application development.

Containerise the desktop.

Workspace components are specified, developed, tested, deployed individually. They have managed life-cycles on the desktop, and communicate in a controlled fashion over well defined channels.

Point improves reliability by isolating problems within components, reducing the impact of software issues and increasing availability of critical applications.

Reduce cost. Reduce risk.

Get a head start on each and every application you build. The Point Platform comes “batteries included” with common infrastructure built, tested and ready to go, so your focus is exclusively on the business value intrinsic to your solution.

In time, your organisation's existing applications will be reused in previously unforeseen scenarios. Point reduces complexity, cost, risk and time to market.

Total control.

Centrally manage applications across the enterprise, with instant deployment and seamless, zero-downtime upgrades.

Technology independent.

Use the technology best suited to the task and resources at hand, from WPF and WinForms to HTML5. The Point platform allows multiple technologies to operate side-by-side, future proofing your investment.

Unmatched experience.

Empower your users with a unified desktop comprised of multiple integrated application components for a consistent and cohesive experience. Point's flexibility allows users to tailor and evolve their workspaces to suit their personal workflows.

Frictionless adoption.

Getting started is easy. Point comes with templates for new projects, and integrating existing applications is straightforward. The platform is based on extensibility, so your ecosystem will grow in diversity along with your requirements and maturity.

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